Full repertoire (1908–2012)


Zsolt Kozma: A Református Szemle repertóriuma 1908–2012. Erdélyi Református Egyházkerület, Kolozsvár 2015. ISBN 978-973-7971-88-3 | 978 old.

The repertoire includes all 18 449 publications appearing throughout the 105 volumes, regardless of their content and length. Exceptions are official announcements (circulars, tenders) and quite short, insignificant news. The material is divided according to content groups: first by the main fields of theology, then according to theological, ecclesiastical announcements, closed by the publications of literary nature or belonging to fine arts. These are located under the headlines and the subsequent smaller content units.

Within the content groups, the categorizing principle is chronology. Exceptions are Biographies (from the Church History group) and Book Reviews, where the alphabetical order of personal names is followed.