Theology as a Craft


This presentation advocates for the revival of theology as a craft, specifically by teaching theological students the craft of a theologian. To achieve this, it raises three questions: 1. What is the artisan mentality compared to the peasant mentality? 2. How should theology be understood as a craft, and how can it be taught as such? 3. Is it even permissible to pursue theology as a craft? In conclusion, it draws several insights: the theologian we increasingly need is a true artisan who continually learns, is willing to retrain to provide the best for the congregation; who becomes humble by projecting themselves and their theology; and who, while respecting the traditions of the fathers and the lives of Christian people, is ready to purify the Gospel from the sterile explanations of bygone eras and proclaim it as eternal truths.

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Klein Hans: Theology as a Craft. In: Református Szemle 116.3 (2023), 295--304

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