Református Szemle 112.6 (2019)


Bustya Dezső(615--630)

Beside his ministry, administrative tasks and teaching activities, Rvd. Dr. Dezső Bustya (February 2, 1935 – July 29, 2019) held lectures for ministers on various occasions. In the lecture published below, he interprets the narrative of judge Jephthah. He presents a historical, theological and exegetical analysis, followed by a summary of the homiletical aspects of this narrative.

Old TestamentBírák könyve, Bírák 11, exegesis
Fischl Vilmos(631--644)

The author is a senior research fellow of the National University of Public Service and General Secretary of the Ecumenical Council of Churches in Hungary. He is an expert in international affairs, a Lutheran pastor, holding a PhD in Military Sciences. The author explores how the churches in Hungary can cooperate with the state in order to create security in Hungary and in other parts of the world. Readers may gain an understanding of the tasks and services of the Ecumenical Council and its member churches in Hungary with special regard to the helping of the persecuted Christians.

Systematic theology, SpiritualityMagyarországi Egyházak Ökumenikus Tanácsa, ökumené, szeretetszolgálat, keresztyénüldözés, iszlám és keresztyénség, religion and politics, menekültek
Orosz Otília Valéria(645--666)

The history of men’s church choir in the Reformed Church of Cehu Silvaniei (Szilágycseh) dates back to more than a hundred years. Since its inception, it has taken a well-organised form, which like the presbyteries had its own management and financial fund. The men’s choir plays an exemplary role for singing culture in maintaining continuity, maintaining a repertoire of vocals preserved and passed on for decades, and in enhancing the quality of church and funeral services.

Church historyKirályhágómelléki Református Egyházkerület, Szilágycsehi Református Egyházközség, énekkar
Simon János(667--680)

In the article below, I offer a systematic overview of the financial and accounting regulations in Romania, of the church’s internal regulations regarding financial and accounting obligations and customs, as well as some of the accounting principles. This article addresses primarily reformed pastors, church auditors and office managers who work with church bookkeeping, accounting and finances, but it can also be used by students, who inevitably need to become familiar with the rules of bookkeeping and financial management.

Otherpénzügyvitel, gazdaság, egyházi adminisztráció
Bak Áron(681--688)

In dieser kunstgeschichtlichen Studie wird vom reformierten Pfarrer, Áron Bak, Theologe und Maler (1945–2012) der Malerlaufbahn von Henri Rousseau skizziert. Es wird über dessen Verbindung und Freundschaft mit dem ungarischen Kunsthändler und Maler József Brummer geschrieben und das von Rousseau gemalte Porträt Josef Brummers dargesetellt.

Art historyHenri Rousseau, Josef Brummer


Lészai Lehel(689--691)

OtherBustya Dezső, lelkészi biográfia
Peres Imre(707--711)

New TestamentUlrich Luz
Adorjáni Zoltán(712--718)

New TestamentXeravits Géza
Balogh Csaba(719--719)

OtherRezi Elek, greetings
Kállay Dezső(719--723)

OtherRezi Elek, greetings
Adorjáni Zoltán(723--727)

OtherRezi Elek, lifework