Református Szemle 116.4 (2023)


Bíró Beatrix(333--359)

This is a follow-up to my study published in the previous issue of this journal. The concise concept of bibliotherapy encapsulates its fundamental principles: healing through literature. The method’s positive outcomes have spurred a resurgence in research, training and practical application in recent decades. In Hungary, this approach has yielded fruitful results, diversifying traditional psychological sessions and other forms of individual and group support, making it more accessible to those who may have hesitated to seek help otherwise. I envision a similar surge in the practice of congregational pastoral care if we establish a fresh framework for individual and group discussions through this method. This paper delves into the potential avenues for achieving this goal.

Practical theologybiblioterápia, Biblia, terápia, retorika-kritika, retorikai megközelítés
Bálint Péter(360--387)

The author of the paper examines the representations of the story of the wedding at Cana in folklore texts, as well as in the interpretations of the non-biblical storytellers. The texts collected by the folklorists evoke the atmosphere of wedding celebrations and carnival festivities in local communities, and the expressions of the vernacular language reinforce the profane and humorous nature of what is narrated. The deviations from the biblical narrative are clearly visible in the symbolic motifs and episodes, as well as in the assessment of the actions of individual characters.

New Testament, Othernéprajz, lakodalom, falánkság


Balogh Béla(388--397)

New TestamentZsidókhoz írt levél


Adorjáni Zoltán(404--404)

Practical theologydoctoral thesis, missziológia
Balogh Csaba(411--412)

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Torkos Ákos(412--414)

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Balogh Csaba(414--415)

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Kovács Sándor(415--423)

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Horváth József(423--425)

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Balogh Csaba(425--429)

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Név Nélkül(429--431)

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Balogh Csaba(431--434)

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Székely József(435--440)

Practical theologytemetési prédikáció, Kozma Zsolt