Mrs. Mária Sass-Tőkés, the Embodiment of a Silent Power


The martyr pastor Kálmán Sass was executed by the Romanian state authorities at the Gherla/Szamosújvár prison on the 2nd of December 1958. “His main misdeed” was sympathising with the ideals of the Hungarian revolution of 1956. His wife, nee Mária Tőkés (September 27th 1913 – May 19th 2004), was deported from the parish of Valea Lui Mihai (Érmihályfalva) with their children to a village called Olaru. All their belongings were confiscated; their two older sons were imprisoned for a few years.

The role of the Ecumenical Council of Churches in Hungary in supporting persecuted Christians


The author is a senior research fellow of the National University of Public Service and General Secretary of the Ecumenical Council of Churches in Hungary. He is an expert in international affairs, a Lutheran pastor, holding a PhD in Military Sciences. The author explores how the churches in Hungary can cooperate with the state in order to create security in Hungary and in other parts of the world. Readers may gain an understanding of the tasks and services of the Ecumenical Council and its member churches in Hungary with special regard to the helping of the persecuted Christians.