The Background of the Bishop’s Election in 1962


The Communist Party has always been antagonistic to the Churches, having different ideology. The main purpose of the Communist regime after the Second World War was the complete annihilation of all kinds of Churches. This plan was to be carried out by the Secret Police, called the Securitate. In 1960, the two bishops of the two Hungarian Reformed Church Districts in Romania passed away. This was a major opportunity for the Securitate to unify the two Church Districts as a first step, and to waste away the Church, as the second step.

The Church Leader: The Person and the Office


In our Church ecclesiastical elections are organised once every six year. At the level of church district the bishop, at the level of the dioceses the person and functionality of the dean are crucial. Therefore, not only the pastors and deacons should be given special training but also the ecclesiastical superiors. The leaders are often unsuitable for the position, which can have very damaging consequences. The temptation of power and money can be dangerous. We must seek to ensure that the Spirit of God guides the church elections.