The Organisation of the Reformed Church of Transylvania in the 16th Century


The synod of the Classis or deanery was the assembly of the church supervisors which gathered once a year. But if unavoidable affairs of local churches required, the synod could be convoked any time it was necessary. In this case they had to notify the public authority to convene an extraordinary meeting even before the regular date of the synod. The proper place for the synod was the main Church Town hall or the palatine’s assembly hall. Thus, the authority may be present at the synod as the one ordained by God to be the upholder and guardian of the church.

A Reformed diploma for ministry from 1702


The Transylvanian Reformed ministers of the 17th century received their diplomas within the framework of the annual General Synod. In this paper we present a unique diploma for ministry – so-called formata – from 1702, emitted for János Berzétei K. by the General Synod of Marosvásárhely (Târgu Mureș), printed at Kolozsvár in the workshop of Miklós Misztótfalusi Kis. Currently this formata is kept in the archives of the library of the Protestant Theological Institute (MS 66).