Boldogságtani bevezetés a Zsoltárok könyvéhez


A Makar(i)ological Introduction to the Book of Psalms. The Notion of Happiness as 'ashrey in the Book of Psalms. The title of this short study is a double allusion: partly to the character of notiondefinition – not so much the scientific purpose as the biblicity is emphasized by using logical as an attribute – and partly to the viewpoint of text-interpretation – the makar(i)oticity of the Psalms-analysis. Nevertheless, the compiler does not offer more than some introductory remarks, suggesting further reflection upon that variously designated something, which concerns everybody and which is most commonly understood as “happiness”.

Tartalom bibliográfiai hivatkozása

Tunyogi Lehel: Boldogságtani bevezetés a Zsoltárok könyvéhez. In: Református Szemle 100.1 (2007), 207--223