A szenvedés a Szentírásban


The Problem of Suffering in the Holy Scripture. Suffering is one of the universal problems of mankind. Generally saying, everybody suffers to some extent in a part of his or her life. Corporal suffering has a great influence ont he state of mind, and vice versa. We are searching the reason, the purpose the suffering in human experience, in philosophy and in the same way in the Holy Scripture. In this study the author makes an attempt to lighten the answers of the Bible in the following problems: the different kinds of suffering, the origin and the purpose of it, the problem of the substitute suffering, the Servant of the Lord, the sufferings of Christians and of the Church, the human behaviour under suffering, the blessing of it; the suffering, which leads to death and finally: the suffering in the salvation counsel of God. The conclusion of the study is the following: suffering may be probation or an educational instrument of the Lord’s, which is included in his eternal plan of salvation. The blood of Christ purifies us from every sin, but in this earthly life we need the permanent purificatory work of God as long so as to reach we will be transformed to the similitude of the Son of God.

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Bustya Dezső: A szenvedés a Szentírásban. In: Református Szemle 100.3 (2007), 506--514

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