A Romániai Magyar Evangélikus-Lutheránus Egyház megszületése


Short History of the Lutheran Church District in Transylvania.The Hungarian Lutheran church in Transylvania has a unique history. At the beginning of it existence in the 16 century the Hungarian Lutherans joined the German Lutheran Church and have organized themselves as a deanery. They kept this structural form up till the end of the 19th century when they decided to split and have started to set up their own independent church district. As a first step they have formed a separate deanery which incorporated several Hungarian Lutheran local churches around Brassó, then mainly after the 20-es of the 20th century, they have restructured the local churches in the South-Western part of Romania and this is how three more deaneries came into being. This was enough to begin thinking on how these all could come together as a basic structure of a church district, which can be further broaden by incorporating more and more reorganized deaneries. The foundation of the new church district finally was set in their general assembly held in 1920 in the city of Arad. They also put a name of the new church formation: The Lutheran Church District in Transylvania and Banat region set up on the Augustana Confession.

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Orbán László: A Romániai Magyar Evangélikus-Lutheránus Egyház megszületése. In: Református Szemle 100.4 (2007), 821--833