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Soós Amália657 -- 667

On Sámuel Köteles’ Ethical Conception and the Criticism of Kantian Ethics. The present study is a short presentation of Sámuel Köteles’ ethics, in the mirror of Transylvanian and German Enlightenment. The study proves the existence of some basic similarities between the philosophical-ethical conceptions of Kant and Fichte and on the other hand the works of the above mentioned leader of century Transylvanian culture. I considered also important to achieve a critical overview of the entire kantian ethical construction using among others Max Scheler’s points of view, the one that proves some deficient theses of Kant’s transcendental conception. Finally my presentation focuses on the great importance of Köteles’ works and the conjunction of events that made him the most excellent propagator of the kantian philosophy in Hungarian.

Református Szemle 100.3 (2007)Rendszeres teológia