Királyhágómelléki Református Egyházkerület

“Never Give Up! Do it as you can!”


On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Reformed Church District of Király- hágómellék, this paper examines the work of alliances within the church (Women’s Alliance, Men’s Alliance, Youths’ Alliance, etc.), with special focus on the social and diaconal work. The paper builds on articles, reportages, footages, and shorter studies of the Reformátusok Lapja (Reformed Magazine), published by the celebrating church district. A synthesis of the available data reveals the difficulties involving the organisation of these alliances and the limited results achieved. 

“The Women’s Alliance is an Alliance of Hearts.” The 85th Jubilee of the Women’s Alliance of the Reformed Church District of Királyhágómellék


The Women’s Alliance of the Királyhágómellék Reformed Church District was established eighty five years ago, on 3 September 1931, 11 years after the formation of this Hungarian church body geographically covering the western part of today’s Romania. Besides providing a historic background with unique details, our study pays a tribute to the devotion and immense work of the Reformed women on behalf of the Church. The Women’s Alliance has played a most important missionary role within the Királyhágómellék Reformed Church District.

The history of men’s choir of the Reformed Church of Cehu Silvaniei (Szilágycseh)

The history of men’s church choir in the Reformed Church of Cehu Silvaniei (Szilágycseh) dates back to more than a hundred years. Since its inception, it has taken a well-organised form, which like the presbyteries had its own management and financial fund. The men’s choir plays an exemplary role for singing culture in maintaining continuity, maintaining a repertoire of vocals preserved and passed on for decades, and in enhancing the quality of church and funeral services.