Paul, the One Like Us

The Personality of the Apostle

The study focuses on the human side of apostle Paul: his mentality and his characteristics manifested in social interactions. Analysing the changes related to his conversion we realise that he did not become a different person, rather his real God-given personality came to be revealed in his ministry for God. We may consider Paul’s way of life a practical lesson, exposing an example to follow. Tracing the chronology of his mission trips we observe the dynamics of his social network, referring to companions joining and leaving the team and contacts of various intensity. Considering the findings of social psychology, we examine the features of mission teams formed around him which cohere with recent recommendations on how to be effective in teamwork.

Bibliographic reference

Balogh Péter: Paul, the One Like Us. The Personality of the Apostle. In: Református Szemle 115.2 (2022), 119--135