Protestant Theological Institute of Cluj-Napoca

The Work of the Teachers of the Protestant Theological Institute in the Reformed Review (Református Szemle) Journal before and after the Second Vienna Award


The Second Vienna Award brought a positive turn for the Hungarians living in Northern Transylvania, which was also reflected in the academic life. In our study, we examine the impact of the return to the motherland on the work of theological teachers. Református Szemle was one of the most important press organs of Transylvanian Reformed Church, and we will examine the writings, editorials and articles published there. The articles of the year 1940 are examined in more detail.

After the change of power. The Faculty of Reformed Theology in Cluj and the Second Vienna Award


In our study, we examined a significant change of administration and power: what was the impact of the Second Vienna Award of 30 August 1940 on the Faculty of Theology of the Transylvanian Reformed Church in Cluj/Kolozsvár? This historical turn of events was not only a cause for joy, but also a major change and challenge for theological education.

Students’ theses in church history at the Faculty of Theology in Cluj-Napoca between 1898 and 1944


In this study we present papers and theses of students submitted in church history, in response to teachers’ assignments at the Faculty of Theology in Kolozsvár/Cluj between 1898 and 1944. These works were closely related to the history teaching church history at the Faculty, being intended to promote independent scientific research and talent management. During the period analysed here, a total of twenty-six works in church history were completed as fulfilments of the thirty-four assigned topics.