Church history

The Influence of the Personality and Work of Andor Járosi (1897–1944) on the Spiritual Life and Worship of the Lutheran Church

In this paper I summarise the ecclesiastical and social effects of the works on the life of the church and society of the Lutheran theologian (minister and dean in Kolozsvár-Cluj) Andor Járosi, who was born 125 years ago. It is the result of his efforts that the liturgical reform of the Lutheran church from Transylvania took place, even if it lasted longer than twenty years until a general decision was made regarding of its implementation to the whole church.

The Heart as a Means of Cognition

The main theme of my writing is Jonathan Edwards’ reflection on the beauty of God. In his writings and sermons, God’s beauty is not coherently defined, but fragments of his thinking on beauty can be found throughout in his works. My research does not aim at providing a coherent picture of Edwards’ views on God’s beauty. Edwards did not provide any consistent criteria of beauty and the qualities that are true of God, so that we have no easy task when we want to capture and summarise his views.

The Work of the Teachers of the Protestant Theological Institute in the Reformed Review (Református Szemle) Journal before and after the Second Vienna Award


The Second Vienna Award brought a positive turn for the Hungarians living in Northern Transylvania, which was also reflected in the academic life. In our study, we examine the impact of the return to the motherland on the work of theological teachers. Református Szemle was one of the most important press organs of Transylvanian Reformed Church, and we will examine the writings, editorials and articles published there. The articles of the year 1940 are examined in more detail.