The Letter of János Balassi and György Sulyok to Paul Eber


This paper deals with two letters, dedicated by the Hungarian Protestant noblemen to Paul Eber, professor of the University of Wittenberg. The first letter was dated to the 3rd of April, 1561, its author being baron John Balassi, father of the great Hungarian renaissance poet, Bálint (Valentine) Balassi. John Balassi expresses his gratitude for Eber’s letter, dedicated to him and informed him about the earthquake which took place in the Danubian district, at the beginning of March. The second letter was dated to the 25th of June, 1563, its author was George Sulyok, uncle of Anne Sulyok, the spouse of John Balassi. Sulyok calls Eber’s attention to a student, recently sent to Wittenberg, named Peter Károlyi, the later professor, pastor and bishop of the Transtisza Diocese. He also asked Eber to pray for the Christian soldiers fighting against the Turks day by day.

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Szabó András: The Letter of János Balassi and György Sulyok to Paul Eber. In: Református Szemle 112.5 (2019), 551--558